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Shows, shows….and more shows!


We have so many shows going on here at the Hall of Fame! Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with them all. They are all listed on the website and Facebook page, but I understand that this isn’t the most convenient way to keep up with that all is going on here at the Hall of Fame. I am currently working on a master list of our shows, and should have this done sometime soon for your viewing. We are really trying to bring back some local shows that are not only of very high quality, but very low priced. We pride ourselves on making most of our shows free to the public, but we can’t always make them free. But, none of our shows are over $10 (plus tax). We also offer tickets to children that are 12 and under for $5.

We want our shows to be accessible for families to attend and experience what Kentucky music is all about. Stop by for one of our Thursday gospel shows, or one of our Saturday afternoon shows. I can promise you will not be disappointed.


You can purchase tickets by clicking here:

-Avery Bradshaw

Director, Kentucky Music Hall of Fame