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The Sparrow Hawks

Sparrow Hawks is a eclectic folk-rock band hailing from Jackson County, KY. Band members consist of Jerry Sparks (guitar & vocals), his wife, Leah Abner (vocals & percussion), son-in-law, Michael Chappell (bass guitar & vocals), cousin-in-law Joey Cruse (percussion & vocals), cousin James “Moose” Morgan (harmonica & vocals), and daughter Sara Maria Sparks (vocals). On special occasions close friends Lee “Sloppy Joe” Creech (guitar & vocals) and his wife, Polly Lakes (vocals & percussion) join them on stage as well.
Since their current lineup coalesced, Sparrow Hawks have proceeded to carve out a unique niche in the regional music scene. Styling themselves as “purveyors of post-apocalyptic folk and pop”, the group has built a sound that features clean instrumentation and multilayered vocal harmonies to evoke timeless echoes of that vital era of the sixties that remains the backdrop and springboard of so much of today’s popular music and culture.

Perhaps even more interesting, a fascinating undercurrent of Appalachian culture runs like a handspun thread through the ‘Hawks oeuvre. The members’ personal histories draw on deep and intertwining roots of the Scotch-Irish, Native American, and Southern traditions, all stirred into a unique musical alchemy in which the whole is much greater, and infinitely more unique, than any conventionally conceivable sum of the parts.

Sparrow Hawks host their own WoodSongs Coffeehouse at the Jackson County Community Theater in McKee, KY in association with Michael Jonathan & the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour based in Lexington, KY. They have been featured throughout the region and are regular performers at the Berea Arena Theater, the Stringbean Music Festival, Levitt Amp First Friday Concert Series, the Bearded Man Festival, and the Jackson County Fair.

And so perhaps advertently, perhaps not, the ‘Hawks now find themselves uniquely positioned on the cutting edge as defining purveyors of “post-apocalyptic folk and pop”. Many colorful threads of personal and musical history are woven together in a one-of-a-kind tapestry called: SPARROW HAWKS!